Your Guide to Living Your Life to the Fullest

If you want to improve the quality of your life, then you should strive to improve your overall wellness, including your mental health. At Positive Approach Counseling in Frisco, TX, we believe that when you realize your potential and immediately cope with changes that could possibly stress you out, you would be able to work productively and perform at your best. That is why our team aims to provide you with reasonable, affordable, and effective ways on how you can be a better version of yourself. Our services include life coaching, individual therapy, online counseling, and EMDR therapy.

10 Tips To Improve Mental Health

Hello and welcome, the purpose of this article is to inform and educate individuals who suffer from a variety of mental health issues. The first 4 tips inform the reader ways to handle trauma triggers. Such tips are: Grounding Techniques, Mindfulness, Emotional Support Animals, and Support Groups/Friends. The other 6 will offer tips to help […]
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Moderation Article

Moderation: Building a Healthy Lifestyle As a therapist, you get asked all sorts of questions: Are video games healthy for my son? I joined a yoga, lyra, and kickboxing class, is that healthy? When I am bored, I am constantly over at a friend’s house, girlfriend’s apartment, this week I’ve never been home. Am I […]
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Video #3 Finding A Therapist

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your continuing support. Enclosed is out third video this month, and more videos will be coming later this month. In this video, we talk about finding a therapist. To provide you with information and tips on how it is important to work with someone who has your best interest, Self-Pay […]
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Unhealthy Vs. Healthy Mindset

  By Jonathan Taglione M.S. LPC EMDR Trained    
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Video #4 Positive Affirmations

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Positive Approach Counseling’s 4th video. Today we will be talking about Positive Affirmations and address how it is important for a positive mindset. If you have tried positive affirmations and stopped because it felt strange. Please check out our In-Depth Model in this video. The In-Depth Model: 1. Situation, 2. Results, […]
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